We love to bowl. We welcome burls. Wormholes at no extra charge.

BOB DAILY has a penchant for environmental architecture, preservation of natural curiosities and British Racing Green. The woodturning milieu has become his natural habitat; where reclaimed domestic hardwoods mingle with exotic timber, and wormholes and inclusions are welcome.  

Bob's work challenges the fine and functional arts, telling a story of shape and form offset by rough-hewn design.

He has studied with preeminent master turners David Ellsworth, Ray Key, Graeme Priddle and Alan Stirt and has studied formally at the Aarrowmont School of Arts & Crafts under the direction of Mark St. Leger, Betty Scarpino and Alan Lacer.

Bob's work is displayed in galleries and fine art shows in Michigan and throughout the Midwest. 



American Association of Woodturners

Detroit Area Woodturners Association

The Michigan Guild of Artists & Artisans

The University of Michigan Museum of Art

Ohio Designer Craftsmen